Introducing WCWA

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Who we are

CyberGym is a global leader of cybersecurity state-of-the-art defense solutions that assist critical and sensitive, Infrastructure and utilities organizations to protect against diverse cyber threats. We’ve developed an unmatched training and technologies arena, and we offer a wide range of complementary bespoke services led by our in-house elite security experts.

Why CyberGym

Unlike computer simulations, CyberGym conducts cyber - attack emulations for training and practice - we go the last mile by damaging equipment! We provide a realistic, live, technological environment, tailored to the organization’s specific threats and a Red Team comprised of real, actual hackers, who fully participate in all the trainings.

You don’t ‘WannaCry’

None of our customers were affected by 'WannaCry' ransomware attack as they were well-prepared for it!

How do we accomplish it?

Cyber Training and Technologies Arena

The CyberGym cyber training and technologies Arena is a proprietary integrated environment based on unique products, training methodology, and integration that enables the emulation of different environments. CyberGym's training and technologies arena ensures that cross-organizational technical and, non-technical teams, are fully ready to respond effectively to real-world cyber threats.

Our Services

CyberGym offers tailored complementary services to meet the cyber security needs of mission-critical organizations.

Engaging the hacker’s mindset into the services we provide; going  the last mile by damaging equipment; and providing services as an integral part of the holistic solution, CyberGym raises the level of cyber-security services beyond others in the in the industry. We offer a unique, broader perspective to existing and potential cyber events.

What our customers are saying about us

There are only two types of companies:

Those that have been hacked and those that will be hacked

Robert Mueller
FBI director

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