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Presenting our newest CyberPod in Lisbon!

We’re kicking off our newest CyberPod in the Nova School of Business and Economics today! This launch is a part of the University’s innovation center, in an effort to increase opportunities for network collaboration in the development of innovation projects. Our pioneer company, INCM Imprensa Nacional – Casa da Moeda, will train in this pod using our Zero to Hero cyber training methodology, as we build their technical teams’ cyber readiness capabilities.



We cyber-train your entire workforce with live cyberattacks

Real time cyberattacks.

Cutting-edge training facilities.

Run by REAL hackers

Accessible Globally.

We cyber-train your entire workforce with live cyberattacks

Real time cyberattacks.

Run by real hackers.

Live Training Facilities.

Accessible Globally.

CYBERGYM Solutions




Virtual Cloud Arena

Training Programs

Who we are

CYBERGYM provides cyber readiness solutions, grounded in highly-impactful cyber-training programs, run at state-of-the-art training facilities.

We give organizations of all sizes around the world the knowledge and tools they need to anticipate, mitigate and defend against cyberattacks. Our live, realistic cyber training is delivered by professional ex-intelligence hackers, in risk-free, remote environments, across our global network of training facilities.

Our Approach

The CYBERGYM Experience

Live Training

Engaging in the most impactful training approach, with real attack scenarios, run by hackers that share their logic and strategy

Teamwork Under Fire​

Evaluate performance and elevate collaboration. It’s your teams vs. real scenarios!


Qualification programs for every individual and team on the workforce, designed to suit their level, experience and the desired skill set

Tailored To Your DNA​​

Customized to your goals, policies and technologies, we use the threat model most relevant to your industry and business activity

Training to suit your entire organization

Organization-wide training

People are the weakest link, or the greatest asset, in your cyber defense. That’s why we have developed training programs for every element of your workforce, from your administrative staff, to your IT professionals, to your executives.

Cybersecurity Professionals

  • Advanced Forensic Collection
  • Advanced SOC-Intrusion Detection Tactics
  • Incident Response Tactics in Linux Environment

IT / OT Professionals

  • Essential Incident Response Tactics
  • Cyber Threats and Defense Essentials
  • Basic Incident Response for ICS

General Employees

  • Complex Cyberattack Experience
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Essentials
  • ICS Environments Seminar


  • Cyber Crisis Management for Executives
  • Cyber Strategy for ICS Environments

Global Distribution Map

WCWA - World Cyber Warfare Arena
Live Training Network. Accessible.  Connected.


1 k

Graduate Trainees


Cyberattack Scenarios


Training Programs


Training Platforms Worldwide


A CREST Approved Training Provider

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