Going Beyond Traditional Cybersecurity Approach

Who we are

CyberGym is a joint venture of Israel Electric Corporation, a 7.7 billion USD company, which faces countless cyber-attacks on a daily basis, and Cyber Control, Israel’s leading cyber security consultancy established by ex- NISA operatives and security experts.

CyberGym conducts cyber-warfare preparedness training for government and private enterprises. It focuses on the weakest link in any emergency response system – the people who run it.

CyberGym has developed a unique integrated Cyber Training and Technologies Arena for critical infrastructure organizations that enable testing their systems, processes and people against cyber-attacks, prepare employees for responding to and fending off real-time cyber-attacks on complex, wide-spread systems and sensitive infrastructures, enabling organizations to enhance their policies and processes and adjust the organizations cyber threat model to their environments.
Using CyberGym’s Training and Technologies Arena and cutting- edge technology, we deliver state-of-the-art training experience to various trainees with different knowledge level, of different critical infrastructure sectors.

CyberGym’s approach is unique in emphasizing the importance of hardening the human factor protecting against cyber threats, through tailored training delivered in a dedicated cyber training and technologies Arena.

If you can’t beat the bad guys better have them on your side!

Why CyberGym

We provide the information and knowledge necessary for decision makers to direct resources to identify and address cyber security threats to the organization, and better understand the potential impact of a successful breach through knowledge of their own vulnerability, at landscape and attack surface. We execute real attacks on a wide range of technological environments and evaluate your readiness. Most Importantly, CyberGym's holistic approach takes care of your cybersecurity needs, we build the threat model, assemble the training, create processes and procedures with you, so we can better educate and prepare the weakest link: the people, to be able to take better care of your technology and make sure your are equipped with the knowledge and techniques to properly address a cyber-attack.

Unlike computer simulations, CyberGym emulates complex cyber- attack scenarios in OT and IT environments
A state-of-the art, sophisticated cyber training and technologies Arena which enables organizations to practice real-world cyber-attack scenarios
We empower organizations with the ability to Proactively Recognize and Respond to Cyber-Attacks
Incorporating the Red Team (experienced hackers) throughout  the training, enriches you with insight into the hackers mindset and point of view.
Holistic training which includes several departments in the organization for active cyber defense, events mitigation & crisis management

Experience real cyber-attack!

Our Training Dynamics in a Nutshell

In CyberGym’s training sessions, there are three participating teams:
Red Team – comprised of experienced offensive and defensive hackers from the Israel Defense Forces’ elite 8200 cyber intelligence unit, and veterans of other cyber defense organizations. Their goal is to execute real-world cyber-attacks on the Blue Team’s technological environment in order to challenge the trainees.
Blue Team – comprised of cross-organizational technical and non-technical    employees whose goal is to protect the critical assets of their organization while minimizing the damage.
White Team – comprised of veterans of the Israeli National Security                  Authority(NISA) carrying years of experience in both defending  and containing major cyber threats and attacks on critical infrastructure. Their goal is to manage the training session, and coordinate between the Blue and Red Teams.
The Red Team challenges the Blue Team via multiple technological and non-technological attack vectors.
The Blue Team is faced  with real attacks they have to identify, defend and harden their environment against it using the necessary methods and tools. The White Team manages the training and debriefing process, reviewing the Blue Team’s performance and providing recommendations. The training experience includes hands-on training
on industrial and IT equipment such as PLC’S, Firewalls & SCADA Firewalls, HMI’s, SIEM,
Snort and more.

Experience real cyber-attack!