Cyber Training and Technologies Arena
as a Solution

Emulating complex cyberattack scenarios in OT and IT environments

CYBERGYM has developed a unique, integrated Cyber Training and Technologies Arena for financial organizations, critical infrastructure, energy sector and manufacturing companies that enable them to test their systems, processes and people against cyberattacks. We prepare the organization’s employees for responding to and fending off real-time cyberattacks on complex, wide-ranging systems and sensitive infrastructures. This enables organizations to enhance their policies and processes and adjust the organization’s cyber threat model to their specific environment.

The incoming Trump administration is being advised to train 100,000 hackers

CNN news, Dec 2016

Cyberattacks are growing, but the talent pool of defenders is not keeping pace

ISACA, January 2016

The Best Cybersecurity Investment you can Make is Better Training

Harvard Business Review , May 2017

Our products and services are aimed at solving one of today’s most expensive paradoxes in the cyber
world: Why do organizations fail to protect their IT environments from cyberattacks? Interestingly, they are  investing heavily on cyber security products and services.
CYBERGYM’s holistic approach examines three cyber-threat dimensions: People | Processes & Policies | Technology & Tools
CYBERGYM’s holistic approach embraces the organization’s foremost layers while utilizing the customer’s Cyber Threat Model.
People are the organization’s most essential resource, its policies and procedures are designed to define the working guidelines required to ensure business continuity, and we use technology and tools to manage and monitor the organization’s environment.
CYBERGYM’s holistic approach integrates the different dimensions. Our training sessions are designed using the customer’s Cyber Threat Model, and trains people in accordance with their organization’s policies, technologies and tools.

Technology alone is not enough

Steve Jobs

Key advantages of our solutions include:

Training your cybersecurity specialists, IT department and management in a real cyber-warfare environment. Our White Team mentors lead and manage training sessions in different  languages, such as English, French, German, Japanese and Russian.
Continual feedback on the performance level of your team during the training, as well as points for improvement. 
Reviewing and adjusting your processes and policies based on the experience gained using the Cyber Threat Model.
CYBERGYM’s expert Red Team tests your offline environment, IT systems, and cybersecurity products against your specific Cyber Threat Model and protected assets.
Annual plan providing ongoing enhancements and improvements for your people and processes.

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