Your Opportunity To Monetize CYBERGYM’s Tried-And-Tested Cyber Training Solution

As well as establishing our own global network of unique cyber warfare training Arenas around the world, we also offer investors, service providers, governments and integrators the opportunity to run their own CyberFrame training facility. 

Now you can monetize the proven CYBERGYM concept, meeting a critical and growing need by delivering our up-to-date training programs to a wider audience. 

How it works

As an independent training provider, you will give your clients the ability to experience a real-life cyberattack for the first time. In an environment based on the participants’ own technological work environment, they will encounter complex scenarios and persistent challenges, through which they will gain real insight into how hackers think and act as they infiltrate organizations, gather data, disrupt critical services, and erase forensic evidence.

The OT Experience​

Developed in collaboration with the IEC, Israel’s electric company, our OT training is carried out on highly-complex operational infrastructure. Emulating your industrial control system networks, the model covers relevant operational and organizational network infrastructures, including OT firewalls, HMIs (human-machine interfaces), PLCs (programmable logic controllers), HVACs (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) and more.

At a Glance

Full access to World Cyber Warfare Arena

International teams enjoy use of our global network of training facilities, equipped with emulated OT / IT rooms, access our centers of excellence specializing in different verticals, and connect to CYBERGYM’s Knowledge & Intelligence Center.

Investment opportunity

Monetize the CYBERGYM training concept by providing training direct to a growing market.

Real-life training

Training is based on our database of hundreds of real-life scenarios, adapted to the specific work environment, infrastructure and technology of the participating organization.

Hands-on experience

Offer impactful training in which participants face complex, persistent cyberattacks and learn to detect, contain and mitigate cyberattacks on their organization.

Comprehensive range of programs

Designed to suit the existing cyber awareness and skill level of people across any organization.

Take A Virtual Tour

Is CyberFrame right for you?

Our CyberFrame platform has been designed to suit the needs and capacity of:

  • investors
  • service providers
  • governments
  • integrators

with facilities across multiple sites.

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Get your company cyber-qualified!

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