On October 25th IEC Chairman, Major General (Ret.) Yiftah Ron-Tal, hosted a special business breakfast at CYBERGYM’s NYC Arena for industry leaders and executives from the energy, utilities, insurance, government and financial industries. Guests toured the Cyberwarfare Arena with CYBERGYM’s CEO Ofir Hason, and heard from advisory board member Frank Cilluffo and IEC security experts about the unique cybersecurity challenges faced by IEC and the energy & utilities sector across the globe.

As part of the discussion, human-element vulnerabilities and the challenge of effectively bringing together people, technologies, and procedures were emphasized as one of CYBERGYM’s specialties that has and will continue to serve clients like IEC. Former Homeland Security Advisor Frank Cilluffo remarked on CYBERGYM’s unique intelligence background and its effect on the CYBERGYM approach, highlighting battle-hardened experience as the best way of ensuring preparedness for mitigating attacks on organizations in all sectors.

Launching CYBERGYM in Australia

Celebrating our new Global Headquarters and Cyber Training & Technologies Arena in Melbourne, Australia