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Senior Cybersecurity Expert

CYBERGYM is growing and we are looking for a Senior Cybersecurity Expert to fill the role of White Team Mentor at CYBERGYM Israel Training Arena.

Working at CYBERGYM

CYBERGYM is a global team of experts with a passion for providing creative cybersecurity offerings to government and private organizations around the world.

We work in a dynamic, ever-growing, start-up environment. We believe that true innovation comes from sharing ideas and working together.


Our offices are always a great example of professionalism, diversity, creativity and great vibes!


Your role as Senior Cybersecurity Expert

  • The top professional authority in the training
  • Planning, leading and managing the training timeline from a-z; including timing and coordinating while training session is in
  • Mentoring trainees through various
  • Performing as a key lecturer of the theoretical part of the training
  • Specifying customers’ requirements for current and future
  • Coordinating between the training’s working teams to ensure that the training meets customer
  • Performing the analysis of trainee’s professional level (Pre training preparation), training assurance and process control.


The position offered is at CYBERGYM Israel main office, located at Heftzi-ba, Hadera, Israel.

Skills and Experience

  • Industry standard information security and incident response certifications (CISSP, GCIA, ) – a strong advantage.
  • Penetration testing and using typical forensics tools as part of incident response
  • Hands-on experience with enterprise systems and IT
  • Deep understanding of networking protocols and services such as HTTP, FTP, SMB, LDAP, SSH,

Familiar with a variety of training products presentations, educational war games, trainee reference materials and instructor reference materials.

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