CYBERGYM training arena providing organizations with complete cyber training solutions, qualifying their entire workforce, and maximizing their cyber strategies. CYBERGYM provides customized training and qualification programs for businesses in the financial, utilities, infrastructure, education, healthcare, government, and public sectors.

The CYBERGYM Experience

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CG Arena
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Customized Program
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Cyber Masters
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Zero-Risk Training™

Cyber threats spread globally
So is our cyber warfare network

Become part of the largest
cyberwarfare knowledge and training network in the world.

More trainings we offer

  • Cyber Crisis Management
  • C-Suite Management Workshop
  • Incident Response Training
  • Basic/Advanced SOC Intrusion Detection
  • Joint Collaboration Management
  • Cyber Defense Essentials
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Workshop
  • External Contractors Cybersecurity Workshop
  • SOC & IT Training

Working with CYBERGYM. A-Z Solution.


Map your strategies and defense model


Plan and build a tailored long-term, training and qualification program


Train and amplify all levels of your organization’s cyber agility


Measure and optimize your cyber strategy, augment skills, add our complementary services to consistently enhance performance

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