Online Awareness Program

Certifying your staff as tier-1 Cyber Frontliner couldn’t be easier – or more fun!

Modelled in an arcade game style that we all know and love, our unique CyberCade® enables your employees to engage in critical cyber awareness training in manageable bitesized chunks.

Available 24/7, anytime any place

via the CyberCade®, or employee laptops, tablets or other mobile device, the cyber awareness training program covers 36 topics that come up in your employee’s day to day work lives. The training sessions themselves are based on a mix of engaging learning technologies, including video, text and gamification, and take 5-15 minutes each. On completion of each three-session block, participants undergo a multiple choice evaluation test to monitor their progress.


Low impact

brief training sessions for minimal indirect costs in terms of impact on employee productivity


available on demand, at the user’s convenience

Simple, common vocabulary

no technical jargon, to ensure materials are effective and easily understood

Distributed over time

assimilation and development of new attitudes and behaviors is promoted by frequent cross-references to concepts already learned

Intuitive and enjoyable

learning is delivered via engaging multimedia content, gaming and competition to draw in the participant and motivate them to keep up with training

Recognition and evaluation of effort

participant get credit for the level of learning achieved

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