Applying breakthrough thinking to best protect your organization

Tailored Complementary Services

By incorporating the hacker’s mindset into the services we provide, going the last mile by damaging equipment, and providing services as an integral part of the holistic solution, CYBERGYM raises the level of cybersecurity services beyond others in the industry. We offer a unique, broader perspective to existing and potential cyber events.

OSINT - Open Source Intelligence

CYBERGYM provides a comprehensive open-source intelligence service, including data collection via human/SIGINT/communication and data mining in social media in upper forums/blogs/under forums and the Darknet.
OSINT services can be provided ad-hoc or as an ongoing service, which is part of your overall defense plan. Our OSINT teams provide comprehensive reports and threat assessment as well as real-time, ongoing, protection to your organization.
CYBERGYM’s team members are all veterans of Israel’s defense forces and have a proven track record of trustworthiness and integrity. All services are white-hat in nature and follow the letter and spirit of the law.

Vulnerability Assessments

CYBERGYM has a time-proven methodology for cyber security and information risk management, based on international standards and guidelines. CYBERGYM conducts Vulnerability tests and various attacks according to the body of threats encountered by your organization, to identify weaknesses in your organization’s networks without compromising your systems.
CYBERGYM provides a comprehensive vulnerability report detailing all vulnerabilities across your organization and recommended corrective actions.

Penetration Tests

Penetration Tests (PTs) identify potential security vulnerabilities in your systems/assets and determine whether unauthorized access or other malicious activity is possible. They are designed to improve your organization’s security methods. CYBERGYM performs security evaluations of the IT/OT infrastructure by attempting to exploit vulnerabilities in operating systems, as well as service and application flaws.
There are number of different PTs. Each PT is performed according to your specific environment, organization and sector.

Incident Response Team

Handling cyber events in real time both locally and remotely, CYBERGYM’s emergency response teams provide professional support for managing complex cyber events in real time.
Our teams specialize in responding to attacks on IT, production and ICS environments, and widespread utility systems. The response teams consist of control and operation engineers, and ICS and cybersecurity experts. We perform a comprehensive assessment of your existing incident response capabilities, processes and tools and develop specific, cost-effective recommendations for  improving your security posture such as: incident response health checks, incident response  program development and incident response training.

Threat Analysis Service

CYBERGYM offers a special service that allows customers to send suspicious files for analysis. We provide a technical analysis report of the file that enables better understanding of whether their organization is facing a cyberattack and its threat level. The report includes malware information, such as Indicators of Compromise (IOCs), capabilities and recommendations.

CSIRT Certification

CYBERGYM trains incident response teams who help organizations contain and recover from security breaches and threats. CSIRT responsibilities include protecting and securing an organization’s critical assets as well as supporting its critical processes and systems. CSIRTs may also provide proactive services which not only help prevent security incidents, but also decrease the response time when an incident occurs.


One of the hardest parts of improving security policies and adding new equipment to your infrastructure is the rigorous tests and examinations new equipment and policies require before they can be safely used in your production environment.
CYBERGYM’s Cyber Training and Technologies Arena facilities can be used as a platform for testing new products, procedures and security systems you want to integrate with your existing infrastructure.
Using CYBERGYM’s Training Arena, you gain a detailed understanding of the preparations required for integrating new products and policies and their impact on your entire environment.

SOC as-a-Service

CYBERGYM’s SOC aaS provides your organization with one of the most critical services in cybersecurity: real-time analysis of security data from different systems. Security information and event management (SIEM) systems are designed to provide a holistic view of the organization’s security status by detecting – in real-time – suspicious activities, unauthorized access, abnormal behavior patterns, and potential attacks. This is done by collecting, analyzing and correlating log messages from a variety of systems and devices in the organization.